South Dakota Enhanced CC Recertification Class February 17, 2024


Feb 17, 2024
09:00 am - 02:00 pm
Outdoor Adventure Center – Brookings | 2810 22nd Ave S, Brookings, SD 57006
Eye Protection Ear Protection A Handgun At Least 2 Magazines 100 Rounds

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About the CCW Renewal Class:

Continue the journey towards enhanced firearm proficiency with our South Dakota Enhanced Concealed Carry Certification Class – a comprehensive program designed to elevate your skills and understanding of responsible gun ownership. This class not only builds on your knowledge base but also continues to extend the privilege of concealed carry into 38 states.

Delve into crucial topics such as firearm safety and fundamentals, home defense, situational awareness, and the myths surrounding gunfights. Learn verbal de-escalation techniques to handle potential threats responsibly and explore the criminal mindset to make informed decisions. Navigate the legal landscape of self-defense, understanding the use of force and South Dakota laws governing firearms.

Our expert instructors ensure you stay on the right side of the law while protecting yourself and others. The class culminates in a 100-round shooting qualification, providing a hands-on experience to test and enhance your skills in a controlled environment. Gain the confidence to handle a firearm safely and responsibly.

What sets this class apart is its added benefit – the certification enables you to conceal carry into 38 states, expanding your freedom and ensuring you’re prepared for various situations. Enroll now and step into a new era of concealed carry expertise!

*If you have any special needs please contact the instructor to make arrangements in advance so we can be sure to accommodate you.


When you sign up for this class today you will immediately receive a coupon pack valued at $185. Coupons provide discounts up to $25 on various industry-proven products that you will probably need anyway. Products include: Gun law books and videos, training pistols, holsters, gun cleaning products, gun safes and cases, training tools, hearing protection, and more. Click here for more details.

About the Concealed Carry Instructor:

Jacob Little and Natalee Weidner co-teach as the lead instructors for Warrior Monk Academy. They offer a wide range of self-defense training programs all designed to equip members of the local community with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves. With NRA and ASP instructor certifications Jacob and Natalee are dedicated life long learners always seeking out new training and education from top professionals in the field. Learn more about them on their profile.

How do you Register for Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the add to cart button above to make your payment.

When will you receive the class address:

After your registration is complete you will receive an email with your receipt and it will contain the other class information. Please note that walk-ins are not allowed. You must pre-register to attend.

How Do I Renew My SD Enhanced CCW License After the Class?

After the class, you will walk out with a class completion certificate signed by the instructor. Don’t worry. We’ll give you detailed instructions and set you up before you leave the class.



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