Starting and Running a Business is Hard - We Are Here to Help has been operating an instructor network since 2007. For over a decade we have been working with some of the best instructors nationwide to build a comprehensive and quality network of trainers.

Features Available to Our Network Instructors & Ranges:

  • Instructor Profile
  • Online Student Sign-Up
  • Payment Processing
  • Student communication and customer service
  • Keep your existing curriculum and brand

We Take Care of the Marketing

Unlike many other instructor networks and groups, we actively spend marketing dollars to bring you students. If you are looking for a place where you can list your name on a website and HOPE that someone will stumble upon it and sign up this isn't for you. We don't rely on HOPE. We utilize online marketing best practices and we spend advertising dollars to bring potential students to your door.

In addition, you will benefit from's brand and media platform. Our top-ranked podcast, YouTube channel, blog, online store, and mobile app all work to bring more potential students to our site and expose them to your training opportunities. There is no other instructor network that reaches as many gun owners every day as we do.

Geographic Exclusivity

Unlike other instructor groups, we do not accept any instructor who comes knocking at our door. We vet and interview each instructor to ensure a proper fit and then we contractually provide geographic exclusivity to each instructor in our network. You will be the only one in your designated marketing area whose classes are listed on our site.

Proprietary Instructor Management Phone App

Logistics, paperwork, and administrative challenges are made easy by our own Instructor Mobile App. Once in our network, this app will allow you to see your class rosters, check in students, submit attendance reports, and submit new class dates.

In addition to those administrative tasks, within the app you can also log times and scores of student's runs on drills and tests. This makes it easy to deliver to the student all of their times and scores so they can go home with more information and a better experience, looking forward to the next class they will take from you.

Having access to these tools on your phone ensures you are more effective and you have the right information with you wherever you go.

Download Links: Android | Apple

Make Money Beyond The Classroom & Range

Since we are also a large eCommerce store with hundreds of products for sale, instructors also have the opportunity to increase revenue per student by referring students to products for sale at The instructor can do that manually as they see fit for the products they like most or you can optionally opt-in to use our automated marketing systems as well. We make it easy to help the student continue their journey after the first class and make sure you get paid commissions when your students purchase products, gear, and tools from

Build Your Credibility As A Content Contributor

Our instructors are invited, though not required, to contribute articles and news content to our various state and national website blogs. This can help you refine your writing skills, build your credibility, and attract more students!

Get Certified to Teach Guardian Pistol Courses

Our proven curriculum for defensive pistol, Guardian Pistol, is a three class series launched in 2018 that is growing in popularity and can help you access and provide to the student a proven program to build shooting skills and tactics.

The Big Warning!

Since we offer geographic exclusivity and protect the experience of our students we take the process of interviewing and vetting each potential network instructor very seriously. Before you fill out the below form please read this overview that details what we look for in a network instructor or gun range:

  • We don't require any number of years of experience as an instructor (though more is better), but we do care how dedicated you are as a student. If the only gun classes you have ever taken are your CCW class and the NRA Basic Instructor class we would likely ask you to circle back with us after you have obtained more training. The best instructors in our experience are also the best students.
  • You need to ALREADY have scheduled classes you teach. Joining our network is not a way to go from nothing to something. You should consider this opportunity in working with us to be a supplement to your business. If you already have regularly scheduled classes people can sign up for and you are looking for a way to increase enrollment and class size this is a good opportunity for you.
  • You need to have a venue where you host classes. Our services do not include making phone calls and booking classrooms or ranges for you. You need to have a reliable place to teach before you contact us.
  • You need to have or be willing to obtain liability insurance. We carry liability insurance in case of emergencies and we expect our network instructors to do the same. If you fail to protect your business it opens us up to potential liability. We recommend the FTA.
  • We want to work with instructors who currently teach, or who are willing to consider teaching, more than just the basic concealed carry class. Basic classes are VERY important and we want instructors who regularly teach them, but we also want to work with instructors who have a deeper product offering and specifically are willing to consider teaching our own Guardian Pistol Curriculum.

Sound like a fit? Please fill out the below form to apply for an instructor account!