Scott Little

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I was born with a passion for the outdoors and firearms. My father and grandfather taught me woodsmanship and shooting skills at a very young age beginning with how to safely handle and care for firearms. I grew up in north Alabama exploring the woods, hunting squirrel and rabbit, and fishing. We lived on a small farm where I helped raise cows and tend a large garden. As I grew older, my love of small game hunting developed into an obsession with deer hunting and a love of archery and bowhunting. I also enjoy hunting squirrel and deer with handguns. I became a father in 1999, and now have 2 daughters and 2 stepdaughters. I passed on my love of hunting and shooting and taught them gun safety and how to shoot at a very early age as my father did with me. Up until I became a father, my love and use of firearms was strictly recreational. While I still love hunting and target practice, I became very passionate about learning and teaching defensive use of firearms, especially handguns. After 9/11, I realized we weren’t living in the same world I grew up in and I wanted to possess the necessary skills to defend myself and my family and, also wanted to teach my friends and family those skills as well. I decided to become a certified instructor and start my own training company to teach firearms safety, marksmanship, responsible gun ownership, and defensive pistolcraft. My company, Valley Defense, focuses on concealed carry and home defense, offering classes and courses for the beginner to the highly experienced with classroom instruction, scenario-based simulation, dry fire, and live fire training. Beyond just firearms, I also teach proper attitude and mindset, situational awareness skills, legal education, and post-incident legal and financial protection. My goal as an instructor is to teach how to avoid a fight, how to win and survive if forced to fight, and how to handle and protect yourself after a fight. I want my students to develop confidence and competence with their firearm, and become responsibly armed, making our communities safer! Although I am now an instructor, I am still an avid student as well and continue to seek training from other instructors myself. It is my belief that the best instructors are also the best students, and never stop learning new skills and tactics.

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